Send real world postcards to Casting Directors right from your browser.

There are no monthly fees, no commitments, and no hassles.  

You can embed your pictures into awesome postcards online.

Start discussions with Casting Directors from the web.

Craft your message and crop your photo


Pick Casting Directors from NYC and LA


Send CastCards, and watch your career go!



Full Service

Send a one-time blast to all 1,200+ Casting Directors with a single messaging, or select a few Casting Directors for a weekly/monthly campaign.


Pay As You Go

Just pay for the CastCards you need, whenever you want!  Minimum purchase of $5 in any single transaction.

Simple Pricing

All pricing includes addresses, printing, and postage!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a good deal?

Yes - think of all the steps to doing this manually. You've probably been getting postcards made, buying stamps, and finding addresses online (all of which costs time and money).

What is the aspect ratio of the image I should use?

The postcard will be printed at 4" x 6" - a standard size postcard. However, the image is required to be 4.25" x 6.25" so that the printer can be "full bleed" meaning that the image goes all the way to the edge of the postcard. The image should be high quality, so 300 DPI or higher (dots per inch), which translates to at least a 1275 px x 1875 px image. (We say "at least" because you can go higher - say 2550 px x 3750 px.)

Our process includes a forced crop - the form will show you what the cropped image will look like, and allow you to change the crop.

Why should I send a postcard to a Casting Director?

You should probably read up on the topic from someone who really knows the biz - like Bonnie.

What if an address is wrong?

We work pretty hard to make sure it doesn't, but yeah it happens sometimes. Well, it's pretty simple, we just credit you back. If we don't deliver, we don't charge you.

Share your good news with the Casting world, and keep your face in front of decision makers


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